Range Members

  • submitted 10/27/2018

New & Existing members with the new year upon us and membership being filled. Please remember to follow all safety signs on the grounds, be courtesy and polite to your fellow shooters and follow all club rules. Lets continue to make 2018/2019 a safe, accident free year. Thank you for your support, CPRC Officers & Board of Directors.

Range Rules

  • submitted 9/18/2019

The range rules have been updated. Please take a moment to read and familiarize yourself with them -> rules. Any questions please reach out to the board of directors or submit it through the contact section on the website. Be safe, shoot straight and have fun.

Match Results

  • submitted 7/21/2019

The 2019 Keystone Cup & Regional match results have been posted. Check out the Matches page under events to see how all the competitors placed this year. And Thank You to all that attended and all that volunteered their time to make these events happen. On behalf of CPRC Thank You!

July Regional & Keystone Cup AP Match

  • submitted 1/19/2020

The program and entry forms for both the July 18th & July 19th Regional & Keystone Cup Action Pistol matches have been placed on the matches website page. There is also a list of motels for those participates traveling from out of town. Good luck to all that enter.


How to prepare for a shooting competition

  • submitted 10/10/2014

Check out CPRC's Honorable Mention in this article "How to prepare for a shooting competition" posted by Vera Koo.

Click here for a link to the article

Range Membership

  • submitted 11/1/2020 Updated 12/31/2020

All membership forms are now available. Please make sure to read the range rules and comply with them at all times while on the range grounds. Have a safe and happy new year.

April-July 2020 Club Activities

  • submitted 3/24/2020 Updated 6/1/2020

Club Members,
THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS HAS DECIDED TO CANCEL ALL CLUB ACTIVITIES FOR THE MONTHS OF APRIL, MAY & JUNE. The June Membership meeting has been moved to July 15th, the July pistol matches have also been canceled.

We will continue to monitor the situation and makes adjustments as necessary.

This policy only affects the scheduled events where a large gathering would be present.

The club remains open to members and their guests for normal usage.

Please follow the CDC guidelines with social crowding and hand washing/disinfecting, covering your coughs & sneezes etc. to be safe. Not only practice these guidelines at the club but out in the community as well.

We want everybody to be safe and healthy during these trying times. Hopefully by summertime we can all get back to our normal lives and activities.

Again we will continue to monitor and make adjustments as necessary. Check your emails and follow the website for updates.

Greg Younkins
Chambersburg Pistol and Rifle Club

Membership Registration Is Closed

Why You Should Compete at State and Regional Tournaments

  • submitted 10/3/2015

Check out this article posted in the women's outdoor news by Vera Koo on why you should compete at state and regional shooting tournaments. 

Click here for a link to the article

Rescheduled General Membership Meeting

  • submitted 7/23/2020

The general membership meeting originally scheduled for August 19th has been rescheduled until September 16th. Meeting will still occur at 6:45pm as usual.