Membership Registration Is Open For Current Members ----- Membership Registration Opens For New Members On Jan 1st, 2019


Range Members

  • submitted 10/27/2018

New & Existing members with the new year upon us and membership being filled. Please remember to follow all safety signs on the grounds, be courtesy and polite to your fellow shooters and follow all club rules. Lets continue to make 2018/2019 a safe, accident free year. Thank you for your support, CPRC Officers & Board of Directors.

How to prepare for a shooting competition

  • submitted 10/10/2014

Check out CPRC's Honorable Mention in this article "How to prepare for a shooting competition" posted by Vera Koo.

Click here for a link to the article

Why You Should Compete at State and Regional Tournaments

  • submitted 10/3/2015

Check out this article posted in the women's outdoor news by Vera Koo on why you should compete at state and regional shooting tournaments. 

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  • submitted 10/27/2018

Membership is open for current club members now. New member applications will be available on January 1st, 2019. Remember current members get your application in prior to December 31st to avoid late fees.