Range Rules (Revised 11/2012)

Safety is everyone's responsibility! Each member is responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their guests, and will observe and comply with the following rules:

1. Display your range badge when on club property. Guests must be registered in the guest book.

2. No drugs or alcoholic beverages are permitted on the property at any time.

3. No fully automatic weapons of any type are permitted on any of the ranges.

4. Do not drive on the grass. Hunting and dumping trash on the property are prohibited.

5. No shooting before 7:00 AM Monday – Saturday, no shooting before 9:00 AM Sunday.

6. The ranges operate strictly on a first come, first served basis.

7. Doors must be closed and the gate locked by the last member leaving the club.

8. Firearms will be unloaded, magazines removed and action locked open at all times except when the shooter is in position on the firing line and the range is clear to fire. Firearms will be pointed in a safe direction at all times. On the firing line firearms will be pointed down range at all times. Firearms may not be handled nor may shooters approach the firing line during cease fire.

9. Any person who calls for a cease fire is personally responsible for safely ending the cease fire by ensuring all shooters are ready to return to the firing line and that the range is again clear.

10. Shoot only from authorized positions. Each firing position has a corresponding target frame directly down range. Shoot only at paper targets centered on proper sized backers (both provided by the shooter) mounted in frames or on the provided target backstop. DO NOT SHOOT CANS, BOTTLES, BOXES, TARGET POSTS, TARGET FRAMES, STEEL TARGETS OR CLAY PIDGEONS! All paper targets, brass and trash must be removed and disposed of by the shooter prior to leaving the range. SHOOTERS WHO IGNORE THESE RULES WILL BE BARRED FROM THE RANGES AND CHARGED FOR DAMAGES.

11. 25 yard rifle range can only be shot from inside the shooting house from the drop down window by the door. Bring your own targets, backers and holders. The 25 yard target area is intentionally low to keep shot from going outside the intended target area. The 25 yard target area is for both rifles and shotguns from inside the shooting house only! You can still access the 50 and 100 yard ranges from the 25 yard window.

12. NO shotgun slug shooting at the 150 yard berm.

13. No rifle shooting is permitted on the pistol ranges. Rifles, shotguns and black powder rifles are to be fired only on the rifle ranges located to the left of the big pistol range. All shooters will fire only from the benches provided inside or to the left of the shooting building.

14. Pistols with rifle calibers that shoot bottleneck cartridges may only be used on the rifle range. Black Powder rifles in .50 caliber may be used on the rifle range. Non- Black Powder .50 caliber rifles or larger are prohibited. No fully automatic machine guns, no tracer ammunition and no incendiary devices may be used on any part of the property.

15. Do not proceed forward of the firing line of any range to change targets without first calling a cease fire and ensuring all shooters are aware of your intentions.

16. All shots must be aimed. Quick-draw, hip shooting and other unaimed shots are prohibited. Shooters who are unable to place their shots on the target may be asked to leave the range and not return until they have successfully completed appropriate training courses.

17. Each shooter is required to observe and comply with any other rules posted on the ranges. In the absence of specific rules all shooters will comply with generally accepted firearm safety standards and use good common sense. As a CP&RC Member, YOU are responsible for your actions and those of your guests. If you have any questions contact a Board of Directors member or one of the Clubs Officers. Their names and telephone numbers are on the Club's website. www.chambersburgpistolandrifleclub.com

18. Rule infractions, particularly those that invove safety and/or vandalism, can lead to membership/access probation, suspension, or termination as determined by the Board of Directors. Board of Director decisions are final with NO appeal. No membership fee will be refunded if, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, safety, vandalism and /or other acts performed are detrimental to the operation and existence of the CPRC.

19. CAUTION: The property is a wooded area subject to natural elements over which we have no control including but not limited to critters, insects, standing water and mud.


Membership Registration Is Closed