Range Rules (Revised 09/18/2019)

Our Fundamental Objective is Firearms Safety

  1. Safety is everyone's responsibility; each member is responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their guests to observe and comply with the preceding rules.


  3. Guests must be registered in the guest book in the rifle shed.

  4. Doors must be closed, and the gate locked by the last member leaving the club.

  5. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (age 21 or older)

  6. Hours of operation:  Mon-Sat 7 am – Sunset, Sun 9am – Sunset, year-round.

    • The range does not get snow plowed.

    • No shooting after sundown.

    • The range is strictly on a first come, first serve basis. Scheduled tournaments always have priority. (tournaments are posted on web site)

  7. Hunting is not allowed on the property.  Do not shoot at any wildlife.

  8. No driving on grass except for maintenance activity. Parking to be on gravel only. Exception is for matches.

  9. Always treat guns as if they are loaded, keep firearm unloaded until ready to use. Firearms will be unloaded, magazines removed, and the action always locked open except when the shooter is in position on the firing line and the range Is clear to fire. On the firing line firearms will always be pointed down range.

  10. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

  11. Do not proceed forward of the firing line on any range to change targets without first calling cease fire and ensuring all shooters are aware of your intentions.

  12. Any person who calls a "Cease Fire" is personally responsible for safely ending the cease fire by ensuring all shooters have returned to the firing line and no one is downrange. Only then may shooting continue. Firearms may not be handled nor may shooters approach the firing line during a cease fire.

  13. Approved eye and ear protection must be worn.

  14. No alcohol, drugs or any controlled substances permitted. Some medications can impair your physical and or mental ability to properly function.

  15. Use correct ammunition. No incendiary, tracers or exploding ammunition. We don’t need a forest fire.

  16. No fully automatic (class III) weapons of any type are permitted. No Rapid firing, extended firing or magazine dumps allowed.

  17. No Mechanical Device that simulates Automatic firing allowed (triggers, stocks, handgrips etc.). No physical manipulation of the firearm to simulate Automatic firing allowed.

  18. No firearm of a .50 caliber or greater may be used, muzzle loaders above .50 are permitted.

  19. Holster “Draw and Fire” all shots must be aimed or have “sight picture”.

    • Quick-draw, hip shooting and other un-aimed shots are prohibited.

    • Only strong side holsters, no cross-draw holsters.

    • Thigh rigs permitted if issued by department or agency for duty use.

  20. Paper and Cardboard targets only. NO clay pigeons, NO glass bottles, NO cans, NO personal steel targets and NO exploding targets.

    • Targets are to be stapled or affixed to club provided target backers. Center the target to the provided backers such that bullets will not damage frames and will impact the back berms/backstops. Remove and dispose of all targets when done.

  21. No shooter may fire from points other than designated firing points, NO RIFLE SHOOTING IS PERMITTED ON THE PISTOL RANGES, in pistol bays the firing line is stipulated at the closest shooter, shoot from same line.

  22. Always Use Large pistol bay, if overcrowded or no target backers remain, Use Overflow ranges in the order of: Practical bay first, then barricade bay.

  23. Please return equipment (benches, etc.) back where it belongs when finished.

  24. Pick up Brass (including .22’s) and trash and dispose of appropriately.

  25. DO NOT place live ammo, misfire’s or other in trash, take with you from property.

  26. Rule infractions, particularly those that involve safety and/or vandalism, can lead to membership/access probation, suspension, or termination as determined by the Board of Directors. Board of Director decisions are final with NO appeal. No membership fee will be refunded if, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, safety, vandalism and /or other acts performed are detrimental to the operation and existence of the CPRC.

  27. In the absence of specific rules all shooters will comply with generally accepted firearm safety standards and use good common sense. If the board deems actions are unsafe for the safety and enjoyment of club members, actions will be addressed on a one on one basis. As a CP&RC Member, YOU are responsible for your actions and those of your guests. If you have any questions, contact a Board Member. Names and phone numbers of Board Members are listed on the clubs’ website www.chambersburgpistolandrifleclub.com.


There are three club meetings a year – the 3rd Wednesday of April, June and August.


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